Valley Elementary


The Ogden Valley is home to Valley Elementary and Snowcrest Junior High in Eden, Utah. High School students attend Weber High School in Pleasant View.


Valley Elementary School is a beautiful school. It has the enrollment of approximately 600 students with 27 teachers. It serves the residents of Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty.  It is part of the Weber School District and includes grades K-6. Valley is a Gold Metal, ABC-UBI, and Ken Garff Reading School.  It offers early morning choir classes and enrichment classes; as well as a Special Education Preschool and Life Skills units. It's beautiful double sized gym and stage is an extra benefit to our community for youth sports and fine arts performances.

Address: 5821 E 1900 North, Eden, UT 84317

Phone: 801-452-4180

Website: Valley Elementary


Snowcrest Junior High

Snowcrest Junior High has approximately 325 students in grades 7 through 9. Students living in the Ogden Canyon, Huntsville, Eden and Liberty attend the school.  Snowcrest is the smallest junior high in the Weber School District.  Our students go on to attend Weber High School in North Ogden. Snowcrest was completed in 1987. Pior to that, students attended a combined elementary/junior high school in Huntsville.  Originally, future plans for the school included additions that would enable the school to become a high school serving the Ogden Valley.  However, the population in the Ogden Valley has not yet grown to the point necessitating a high school in the Valley. 

Address: 2755 North Highway 162, Eden, Utah 84317

Phone: 801-476-5360

Website: Snowcrest Junior High


Weber High School

Weber High School is a 6A Utah secondary school with an enrollment of approximately 1800 students.  Weber is located in Pleasant view, Utah about 5 miles north of Ogden, Utah.  It serves the residents of Pleasant View, North Ogden, Harrisville, Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty.  It is part of the Weber School District and includes grades 10-12.  Weber offers 16 AP Courses, multiple concurrent enrollment courses, as well as, an IB program. 

Address: 430 W. Weber High Drive, Pleasant View, Utah, 84414

Phone: 801-476-3700

Website: Weber High School


Weber High School
430 Weber High Dr
Pleasant View, UT 84414
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