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July 4th Feedback Needed


We had quite a turnout for our July 4th Celebration this year.  It seemed to be a success.  For the last several years the Town has been in the red for the July 4th Celebration. This year we coordinated with a local event planner, Lindsey Ketcham, to oversee our celebration with the goal of minimizing the need for volunteers while raising enough funds to fund the day’s events.  For example, one of the changes toward that goal was to have an independent caterer organize and serve the breakfast in the park.   

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Bread Tribute Band Concert Tickets


Get your tickets now for the upcoming Bread Tribute Band (Toast) Concert in Huntsville Park August 31st 2024 by clicking on this link.

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Road Work on SR 39 to Monte Cristo


There will be road construction on SR-39 this summer from Huntsville to Monte Cristo and in Ogden Canyon.  The road work on SR-39 from Huntsville to Monte Cristo is scheduled to start on July 8.  

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Annual Water Report (CCR)


Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs), also known as water quality reports or drinking water quality reports, provide you with important information about the quality of your drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires every community water supplier to provide a CCR to its customers. Below is the link to the 2023 CCR for Huntsville Town water customers. You will also find a copy in your water bill for the month of July. 

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Huntsville Town Hiring


Huntsville Town is seeking a positive, hard-working employee to take care of our park building facilities! This person will perform general maintenance and cleaning of the Huntsville Park restrooms. The duties include but are not limited to:

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Town Residents: Weber County needs your feedback!


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