CERT Training - 2024

Huntsville Town is working to further improve our Self Reliance, Preparedness, and Readiness for Disasters and Emergency Situations on both an individual and community level.  The more prepared we are for challenging situations the more we can save lives and property.  One of the ways to do this is through Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).  CERT is primarily a training that teaches you basic disaster response skills to empower you to help yourself and those around you when disaster strikes and no professionals are coming to help.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of this training.   

The training is two-fold; on-line and in-person.  On-line training will focus on knowledge base information while the in-class hands-on portion will focus on actually learning and doing the skills, not classroom lecture. It is very important that you complete the online portion before attending the in-class portion.   

The next round of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) training should be coming up in April and May 2024.  The following is a link to information about Weber County CERT.  https://www.webercountyutah.gov/sheriff/homeland/pdf/cert.brochure.weber.pdf   

The following link gives more information about CERT and the online portion of the training which must be done prior to the in-person training.  https://www.webercountyutah.gov/sheriff/homeland/cert.php   

There is a $35 dollar fee for the in-class portion of the training which goes toward equipment given to you. 

If you have any questions, call Bruce Ahlstrom (801) 791-8473.