Building Permits

Land Use Permits:

Any owner desiring to change or add a use of the land shall not proceed until a Land Use Permit has been issued by the Huntsville Town Planning Commission. All projects will be reviewed by the Huntsville Town Planning Commission to ensure structures meet all setback and height regulations which can be found HERE.  Any "change or additional uses" include new home construction, additions to an existing home, construction of an accessory building, pool, pole barns, and garages. The cost of a Land Use Permit is $150. Land Use Permits expire 12 months after being issued. You need to have a site plan and engineered plans to meet with the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission currently meets on the 4th Thursday of every month. Please call Shannon Smith 801-745-3420 to sign up on the agenda. Agendas are set at least 24 prior to the Planning Commission Meeting.


Building Permits:

Any owner or authorized agent who intends to engage in new construction of a structure with a footprint 200 square feet or greater shall only commence work after first, having received a Land Use Permit from the Huntsville Planning Commission, and then, secondly, upon issuance of a Building Permit from the Huntsville Town Building Official or authorized delegate of the Huntsville Building Official. Currently, Huntsville Town contracts with Sunrise Engineering. Below is the link for the Building Permit Application. The cost of the Building Permit will be determined on a plan review conducted by Sunrise Engineering and based on recommended fees from the IRC.  Please submit the Building Permit Application and set of electronic engineered plans to Beckki at Once the Building Permit Application and plans have been submitted, a plan review will be done. A building permit will be issued once the plan review is done and the fees are paid to Huntsville Town. Building Permits are valid only during the period that a valid Land Use Permit is in effect.  The owner may be subject to any penalties that may result from allowing the permit to expire before completion and final inspection of the work is completed.

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Check List


Excavation Permits:

Excavation permits can be submitted to The excavation permit is $75.00. Once signed the permit it valid.

Excavation Permit


Requirements for Structures less than 200 square feet:

Any owner or authorized agenda who intends to engage in new construction of a structure with a footprint less than 200 square feet and has any combination of electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing improvements shall only commence work after acquiring a Land Use Permit from the Huntsville Planning Commission. A Land use Permit is not required for new construction of a structure with a footprint less than 200 square feet that does not include any combination of electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing features. No building permit is required for a new structure less than 200 square feet unless electrical, gas mechanical, or plumbing installation is required; then the owner or authorized agend must follow Land Use Permit and Building Permit requirements.


Building Permits are required for remodels:

For the sake of the safety of the public, any structure owner or authorized agent who intends to install, alter, remove, convert or replace any existing electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by the adopted Huntsville Town Building Official.  Please submit application and electronic copy of plans to

  • Furnace and water heater replacements require permits. This is for life safety reasons. We check for the                                         correct combustion air, correct size of flue, slope of pipe, etc.
  • Converting from propane to nautral gas, you will need a permit.
  • Electrical service changes, panel changes, rewires, etc, all require a permit. 
  • Shingle Re-roofs. Does not require a permit. The code only allows 2 layers of shingles on your roof. If you are planning to re-roof your house and you have 2 layers or more, you will need to strip the roof to the deck.  Older homes usually have 1 x 6 or 1 x 8 skip sheathing.  If there is any spacing between this sheathing, it will need to be re-decked with a minimum of 7/16” OSB, 5/8” is best for the snow load.  You will also need to have Ice and Water shield (a very sticky membrane) 24” inside the warm wall line.  This is usually 2 rows of 36” product, then your tar paper.  Make sure you have sufficient ventilation; your roof will last longer if you do.
  • Structural Re-roofs. Will require a permit. If there is any damage to the rafters/trusses, a permit will be required.  An engineered fix, or new truss details will be required before we can issue this permit.
  • Siding. You do not need a permit for siding.  However, siding does require a moisture barrier behind it, such as tyvek, or tar paper.  This will help save your house from moisture damage.
  • Egress Windows require a permit. If you are planning on putting a bedroom in your basement, it MUST have proper egress. This is an openable window with the openale space of 5.7 sq ft. or an openable door to the outdoors. 

Items for which Permits are not required:

Minor replacement or repair of existing electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems, especially to replace like kind (ie. replace a water faucet, light switch, light fixture, toilet, etc.), replacement of roof shingles or siding does not require a permit. If the land use change involves excavating, an excavation permit may be required as specified in Title 17. If you are changing a window for a window (same size) a permit is not required.  However, if you change the size of any window, a permit will be required.

Self-Performed Remodel Permit:

A Self-Performed Remodel Permit can be granted by the Huntsville Town Building Official or their designee if all the following stipulations are met:

  1. A Land Use Permit is obtained from the Huntsville Planning Commission.
  2. Work is for a remodel/repair of an existing home or for the construction/remodel/repair of an auxiliary building greater than 200 square feet (electrical and plumbing changes for any size building). If more than 25% of the square footage of the home or auxiliary building is over 200 square feet it will be considered as a new construction and will require a Building Permit.
  3. Work is self-performed by the owner or a close associate. This means that no compensation either monetarily or in kind for work performed on the project can be tendered.
  4. The homeowner declares on this form all of the work that will be performed on the project receiving the Sel-Performed Remodel Permit.
  5. The home owner certifies by signing the permit that they will abide by all of the Utah State construction Code requirements in the construction of their project (including all applicable stamped plans by professionals licensed by the State of Utah).


The Self Remodel Permit is linked HERE. Please submit to


Wastewater Permit

A Wastewater Permit from Weber Morgan Health Department is required for ALL ADDITIONS, REMODELS and NEW CONSTRUCTION. This applies to all permits; Building Permit, Remodel Permits and Self-Remodel Permits. If you are adding or finishing any space. If you are adding plumbing fixtures of any kind, you will need a Wastewater Permit prior to recieving a Building Permit, Remodel Permit or Self-Remodel permit. A permit from Huntsville Town will not be issued without a Wastewater Permit from Weber Morgan Health Department. The following is a checklist from Weber Morgan Health. To get the process started, please call Weber Morgan Environmental Health at 801-399-7160.

Weber Morgan Checklist