Pet Licensing/Animal Services

The Town of Huntsville contracts with Weber County Animal Services for animal control enforcement. Impounded animals are taken to the Weber County Animal Shelter in Ogden.

The Town Huntsville appreciates responsible pet owners! We are counting on pet owners to keep their dogs and cats properly vaccinated and licensed.

County-issued animal licenses for all dogs must be renewed each year. As a way to unify efforts throughout the County, Huntsville Town participates with the Weber County Animal Shelter. Currently, all residents will obtain their annual licenses from the Weber County Animal Shelter at 1000 N. 1200 West in Ogden (located just inside the North entrance to the Golden Spike Event Center off West Harrisville Road).

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To receive a pet license, please provide the following to the Weber County Animal Shelter:

  1. A copy of a current Rabies vaccination certificate from your veterinarian, showing that your pet is current on its vaccine.
  2. The appropriate fee for your pet: $10.00/year for spayed/neutered animals (Seniors $8) or $20.00/year for unaltered animals. This fee is per animal.The pet owner is then given an identification tag, which is maintained in an animal identification report to assist police in quickly returning lost pets to their owners.

    Remember, the Rabies tag that you received from your vet is not a license. Town ordinance requires that all dogs be licensed. This also allows your pet to be returned safely to you in the event that it is lost.

    The Town of Huntsville contracts with Weber County Animal Services for animal control enforcement. Impounded animals are taken to the Weber County Animal Shelter in Ogden.


Spring is here and we’ll all be out for our morning or evening walks, bike rides, etc.  Dog owners:  Please remember that dogs must be on leashes when outside and owners are responsible for any harm they might cause to others or other’s property.  If you are accosted by a dog, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Huntsville Town contracts with Weber County for animal control and there is an officer on duty in the Valley that you may contact during normal weekday hours. If you have a problem during non-workday hours there is still a dispatcher you can talk to.  The phone number is 801-395-8224.
  • The Huntsville Town Animal Control ordinance is Title 1 (click to view).
  • Many people use a walking stick and/or carry pepper spray for defensive purposes.  The spray will not injure a dog and will definitely repel them.
  • Descriptive information is important in resolving problems.  If you carry your phone or camera with you, take pictures of the dog.  If you are experiencing nuisance issues (excessive barking, property destruction, animal waste, etc.) try to photograph the animal that is causing the problem.

Procedure for contacting Animal Control to pick up dead animals:

Animal Control will respond depending on call priorities to pick up  Huntsville dead CATS and DOGS only.  The charge to the Town is $6.00 per animal.  If the animal’s owner is known, it is their responsibility to collect their own property and dispose of it in a dump.

  • Animal control hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday, and are on call during off hours and weekends for general animal problems.
  • Calls about dead cats or dogs should wait until the next business day.
  • Wild animals such as skunks, raccoons, etc., will not be picked up by Animal Control.
  • Game animals such as deer, elk, etc., are the responsibility of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources but they will only respond when able to, and not necessarily the same day.

Weber Area Consolidated Dispatch Center non-emergency phone number is (801) 629-8221 for animal control or other non-emergency calls.