Public Information Request/GRAMA Request Information

GRAMA Requests

Requests for individual records must be made in writing. Requests must be signed and dated, indicate the records requested, indicate where the records are to be sent, and provide a daytime telephone number where the requester may be reached, in case our office has additional questions.

Utah's government records law, GRAMA, allows 10 business days to respond to a request for records. A request may be responded to in 5 business days if the request qualifies for an expedited response. All requests are processed in the order they are received.

Please note that third party access to records must be authorized by the subject of the record, except as allowed by law. 

You may send a written request online, or by mail, email or fax. Please call 801-756-3420 for more information.

Online: Utah Open Records Portal


Fax: 801-745-1792

Postal Mail:
Huntsville Town, P.O. Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317

If you submit a request by e-mail, fax or postal mail, you may use these forms to submit your request. 

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